When you call Garen McClure Law, you speak to the attorney. I will provide you with a quick synopsis of what to expect in resolving your traffic matter.

When hiring an attorney to assist you in resolving a traffic matter you want someone who is attentive to your particular circumstance and knowledgeable of the law. Generally, all I need to know is the county in which you were cited, the rate of speed and speed zone in which you were cited, and sense of your driving history.

Your driving history dictates how effective I can be in negotiating your traffic ticket. Naturally, fewer past infractions, and those occurring a long time ago, allow the District Attorney greater discretion in negotiating with me to resolve traffic matters. But the need for legal assistance with respect to your traffic matters is important for the person who has had a recent speeding ticket as well.

Give me a call, and I will provide you with a free consultation on how to best address your traffic matter.

Traffic Cases