Garen McClure works closely with his clients, providing clear communication, effectively prepared legal strategies, and a straightforward, no-games approach to billing. Receiving a traffic ticket in North Carolina, even a simple speeding ticket, can be a significant ordeal. It can affect your driving record and be a costly offense. Your insurance may increase and you may have to pay fines and court costs. Mr. McClure has the experience to resolve your traffic matter. The TOTAL COST for me to represent you will be shown to you in person or in the communications that I send you. If you do not receive a letter from me, please call (919) 590-9776 or email

Estate Planning

While nobody wants to think about death or disability, Garen McClure Law is here to guide you through the estate planning process. Establishing an estate plan is one of the most important steps you can take to protect yourself and your loved ones. Proper estate planning not only puts you in charge of your finances, it can also spare your loved ones of the expense, delay and frustration associated with managing your affairs when you pass away or become disabled. My firm's services include: Wills, Trusts, Providing for Incapacity, Providing for Minor Children, & Charitable Bequests. 

Business Law​

​Garen McClure Law understands that having the next “big idea” is an exciting start for every entrepreneur, but it is only half the battle.  As a small business owner myself, I understand the rules and regulations that govern the everyday operations of businesses.  I regularly advise and represent clients on issues including selection and formation of a proper business entity, acquisitions and sales of businesses, employment matters, real estate matters, contract review and negotiations, succession planning and on the acquisition and protection of a trademark or license agreement.  Other services include: Business Start Up Services, Preparation and Review of Business Contracts, & Buying and Selling Businesses.  ​

Practice Areas

Garen McClure Law is located in Hillsborough, NC and has experience assisting clients in the following areas: