My firm specializes in helping North Carolinians with their legal problems. Garen McClure Law offers clients aggressive, expert service and a unique commitment that I will be available to meet their needs from start to finish.

Garen McClure


Garen has more than 6 years experience as a civil litigator, accordingly he is involved in all  areas of the firm's practice. Garen utilizes his experience as a former New York City legal services staff attorney in assisting his clients to achieve their goals with respect to their litigation matters. His practice focuses on traffic & minor criminal, business law & estate planning. Garen has very broad litigation skills & the ability to work closely with his clients to ensure their involvement, providing very personal & responsive service. As a publicly educated attorney, Garen never strayed too far from his rural upbringing, using his skills as an attorney for the greater good. 



My firm has the expertise and local knowledge to effectively assist you in your legal case. Through my experience I've found that my clients truly appreciate the time and effort I put into every aspect of their case. I am here to help you and that's something I do not take lightly.

I am here to listen to your needs and help you accomplish your legal goals in any way we can.  I know that points on your license and insurance can be tough on your wallet,  or how difficult it is to navigate the estate planning process. I am here to assist you in resolving these matters, providing you with personal and attentive service, while keeping your costs as low as possible. 

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